Provincial Grand Lodge Yorkshire North & East Ridings 2018 Masonic Festival Website

The Festival 2018 Launch at Provincial Grand Lodge

On Saturday 11th May 2013 the Provincial Grand Master carrying out his role of Festival President, launched the 2018 Festival appeal in aid of The Masonic Samaritan Fund at the Provincial meeting in York.

His opening ceremonial, interrupted by a bugle fanfare provided by members of Catterick Garrison Bugle Troop, following which there was a further interruption by The Daggards, commisioned to perform a visual display extolling the virtues of the Masonic Samaritan Fund. They demonstrated the different categories of aid available to masons and their dependents.

The Festival Chairman placed a building block in the North-East corner of the room

Then the stage was filled with a freemason of each stage of development, an entered apprentice, a fellowcraft, a master mason, a provincial officer and finally a grand officer, each carrying a building block. The blocks were placed in the North-East corner, each having a single number embossed on a surface. When the Provincial Grand Master and the Festival Chairman had re-arranged them correctly, the blocks showed the audience the sum of £250,000. This was announced to be the donations collected up to that day in favour of the MSF. A remarkable figure, especially before the Festival was actually officially launched.

The photographs show The Daggards in action and feature the PGM and the chief executive of the MSF, Richard Douglas.

The luncheon which followed was extremely well attended and deemed to be a great success by all present.

The Festival Area Launches

To enable more of our members to be involved more directly in our Festival 2018, following the official launch by the Provincial Grand Master at Provincial Grand Lodge on Saturday 11th May 2013, there was a programme of more local launches held in Masonic Halls.

The venues and dates are as follows;

York St. Saviourgate Friday 17th. May 2013

The first successful regional launch - Click for Photos

Middlesbrough Tuesday 21st. May 2013

A full house witnesses a moving presentation on the MSF - Click for Photos

Scarborough Tuesday 28th. May 2013

Scarborough hosts the third regional launch with success - Click for Photos

Hull Beverley Road Thursday 30th. May 2013

The Hull launch was another success - Click for Photos

Northallerton Tuesday 18th. June 2013

The regional launches concluded in Northallerton with another full house. - Click for Photos

The programme of Regional Launches held recently throughout the Province proved to be very well attended and extremely successful.
The invitations were extended to all Worshipful Masters, their Senior and Junior Wardens, Secretaries, Charity Stewards, Almoners and their partners.

The Launches consisted of various presentations regarding the Festival, The Masonic Samaritan Fund, How to donate and many other things of interest. The Provincial Grand Master addressed the meetings, which were also attended by the other Provincial Rulers.

After the presentations the guests enjoyed a two course supper which also gave an opportunity for all the guests to ask questions of the members of the Festival Team.

There was also an opportunity for Worshipful Masters to present donation cheques to the Provincial Grand Master to give the Festival an initial boost. All lodge secretaries were informed of the events and issued with booking forms.