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The Festival 2018 Team

In 2011 The Provincial Grand Master invited David Marsh to accept the appointment of Festival 2018 Chairman and appointed Denis Stubley as his Vice-Chairman. Their work began in earnest to consider potential freemasons within the province who would form a small committee, or team, to develop the strategy for a successful Festival Appeal.

The team was chosen to have a geographic balance throughout the province with each member representing their area and also having specific skills or expertise to contribute to that development. It was understood that a change of personnel would probably be part of that strategy to continue the momentum of the appeal beyond those formative years.

At the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting in May 2014, David Marsh stood aside and Denis Stubley accepted the position of Chairman at the request of the Provincial Grand Master.

A new team has been established to take the Festival forward. Our thanks go to David for his superb leadership and to the original team for their endeavors in making the opening phases of the Festival so successful. The original team members will still be involved in a different capacity and the team of Festival Liason Officers are being organized and motivated by John Murphy.

Festival 2018 - The challenge remaining - Focus on Festival

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from Festival Chaitman, W. Bro Denis R Stubley

As I write this, it is only two years until the conclusion of our Festival appeal. Just two years remaining to work towards fulfilling our desire to raise at least £1.6 million for the Masonic Samaritan Fund.

Our lodges have been extremely supportive, with contributions arriving in great numbers. There are some lodges, which, have yet to grasp the metal and encourage their members to work towards supporting our initiative. Fortunately, there are many more lodges leading by example. You have only to read the list of lodges which have gained an Honorific, to see those working hard for Festival. We should all be grateful for their efforts.

In the province we have many small lodges with limited membership, who are less able to contribute. I would also like to thank their members for whatever they are doing to help our campaign.

The Challenge we all now face is this………the amount donated and pledged at the start of May 2016 was £1.2 million. Whilst this is an impressive figure, brethren, we must not be satisfied. We still need to raise £400,000 to achieve our self appointed target. This amounts to slightly over £4000 from each of our lodges over the next two years. Can your lodge help us with these ambitions?

We know that this is a difficult task, but I believe that it is possible.

Why should we work so hard to raise this money for the MSF?

It is simply because there are brethren in our province who need our support. Last year the central Masonic charities gave over half a million pounds to poor and distressed brethren and their families in this province. The amounts given to this province by the MSF have tripled in the last four years. The number of our brethren receiving help from the fund has increased by a factor of five. That is why our efforts are so important.

We need to repay that kindness

Our donations are also contributing to much needed medical research. This is to carefully chosen projects that are investigating illnesses which frequently affect our members.

We need your help... We need the help of every Mason in this Province

We need all the lodges to FOCUS ON FESTIVAL for the next two years. Then when Festival 2018 concludes we can concentrate on helping our local charities once more.

Brethren in 2018 the needs of the Masonic Samaritan Fund and the eyes of Freemasonry in general will be looking to this Province. Let us produce a result that we can be proud of maintain the fine reputation of the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings.