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The Role of the Lodge Charity Steward

The Lodge Charity Steward has the responsibility for the management of the charitable efforts of his Lodge for Festival 2018.

The Charity Steward will become the communications link between the Lodge and the Festival committee through the Festival Area Co-ordinators and their Assistants

Five years is a very long time to initiate, stimulate and maintain the interest of the Lodge members in a charity festival. We must rely upon the energy and the enthusiasm of the Lodge Charity Steward to promote The Masonic Samaritan Fund and Festival 2018 within the Lodge for the whole of that five year period.

One of the most effective and manageable ways of raising funds is to encourage individual giving by means of Gift Aid, for those who are taxpayers, by Standing Order to spread the payments over the period of the Festival. This is where the Charity Steward can initially enthuse the Brethren of his Lodge into taking out such commitments - the more that do the less onerous hopefully will be the extent of separate Lodge Fund Raising

The Lodge Charity Steward has a difficult job in trying to encourage his lodge members into this individual giving, whilst being sensitive to the difficult economic conditions in which we find ourselves and being sufficiently diplomatic to judge how far to encourage and when to step back from such promotion according to his perception of a Brother's situation.

One way to help this process may be to remind the brethren that the reward for such commitment will be the MSF jewel available to everyone who has committed to giving £300 or more over the life of the Festival. Whilst the jewel will be the only Provincial recognition, the brethren should be made aware that the MSF itself has a system of recognition for different levels of giving which will not form part of what we can wear in our masonic lodges but will reflect the generosity of the individual for his own satisfaction.

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How we can donate to our Festival

There are so many ways. Follow the links below for the details in each case.

By Personal Donation
By Standing Order
By Cheque
By Cash Donation, individually or from Sponsorship event, Raffles and Competitions
By Credit/Debit Card ringing the MSF directly on simple and securely using our Just Giving web site

You may also be entitled to receive a Festival Jewel

Your lodge Charity Steward plays an important role in the process. Please have a word with him if you need clarity in any part of the process. Click here

See our note about Gift Aid below. Gift Aid, increased your donation by the equivalent of the current basic rate of tax, if you are a U.K. taxpayer.

Any donations are welcome, however, the earlier the MSF receives a donation the more effective it can be. The charity is able to invest any income and gain a far higher rate of interest than a masonic lodge or individual can achieve.

by Personal Donation

At any time simple single personal donations can be made. These can be by cash to charity stewards, by cheque to the MSF or by Debir or Credit card through our Just Giving site. Gift Aid, which allows the MSF to claim back the tax element may apply. Please therefore ready the associated quides. Personal donation form here or this link for Just Giving

by Standing Order

Every mason in this Province received, enclosed with their 2012/13 Winter edition of the Yorkshire Mason, our regular newsletter, a leaflet which introduced the Festival and had a donation form printed within the leaflet.

Every Masonic Hall has a Festival display stand, which displays the same leaflet. Copies can also be obtained from Festival Treasurer, though Lodge secretaries and Charity Stewards. Included will be a personalised Gift Aid Declaration Form. You can also download your regular payment form here

It is only necessary for an individual to submit one form to the charity to enable them to claim the relief on every subsequent donation.

by Cheque

This can be posted or presented to your Charity Steward, Festival Team Member, Ruler or representative of the PGM or MEGS. All of whom will ensure it is forwarded on your behalf to the Festival Treasurer.

Post to the Festival Treasurer W.Bro. Les Kirby, Masons Garth, Sinderby, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 4JD or to: The Masonic Samaritan Fund, 60 Great Queen Street, London. WC2B 5AZ

Remember to complete the charity declaration so that we can claim Gift Aid. Our Gift Aid Envelopes are pre prepared for this purpose. Personal donation form here

Individuals or Lodges can donate directly to the MSF. Simply send your donation, Gift Aid declaration and a note of your name and lodge attributing the funds to Festival 2018 for Yorkshire North and East Ridings. The figure will be recorded to both your own name and the lodge.

by Cash Donations

Sponsorship events

If one person collects a number of donations from others and then submits a cheque for the total amount it is also possible to claim Gift Aid. In such a case the third party needs to complete a ‘confirmation of source declaration’ for “gift aidable’ donations.

This is available for download here

Sponsorship events

Gift Aid can be applied to sponsorship monies, providing the correct form is used for collating information about the sponsors. This form needs to show the donors name and address and a Gift Aid declaration as an individual U.K. tax payer.

This form is available for download here

Raffles and Competitions

As a general rule, Gift Aid CANNOT be claimed on the proceeds from raffles and competitions, as entrants have purchased a chance to win, rather than making a voluntary donation to your charity.

by JustGiving

Alternatively a more modern way of donating could be through our Just Giving web site. Donations are attributed to the 2018 Festival and are passed directly to The Masonic Samaritan Fund. Leaving your name and lodge details will ensure you are appropriately accredited. Why not also leave a message on how the money was raised and even a photograph. Remember to tick for Gift Aid if it applies. Just Giving

by JustTEXTGiving

Better still Give by Text. Yes that's MSFY81 to 70070. Thank you.

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Gift Aid

Any donation to a registered charity by an individual U.K. tax payer can be increased by the equivalent of the current basic rate of tax simply by claiming gift aid. That is any donation made by Cash, Cheque, Direct Debit or Standing Order, Telegraphic Transfer, Credit or Debit Card (e.g. Just Giving) or Postal Order. Provided the donor also completes, with it, a Gift Aid declaration.

If an individual donor is a higher rate tax payer they can personally claim back the difference between the basic rate of tax and the higher rate they have paid tax on. This would be done on the individual’s annual tax return to HMRC.

The following DO NOT qualify for Gift Aid
……Donations of money from a company
……Gifts with a condition that the charity buys goods or services
……Payments in return for goods or services e.g. for admission or raffle tickets

However, funds donated, which then qualify for The Festival Jewel, do qualify for Gift Aid as the Jewel has a modest value and fulfils the revenues acceptance criteria.

Full information on Gift Aid can be found on the HMRC website

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Festival Jewel

The MSF have now agreed to accept as qualifying donations, towards the award of a Festival Jewel, any amount pledged up to five years after the climax of our Festival.

This means that if brethren wish to receive a jewel they may spread their donations over a longer period than the Festival, if they wish. The monthly contributions will thus be smaller. To calculate the minimum donation needed, simply count the months until May 2023 and divide that into three hundred pounds. Once a pledge of £300 has been made the brother will immediately receive his jewel. The jewel can be worn in both craft lodges and chapter meetings.

It is the usual custom at the conclusion of a Festival for United Grand Lodge to make the Festival Jewel a permanent jewel so that they can continue to be worn by those brethren who wish to do so.

It is our hope that the majority of the brethren within our Province would aim to be wearing the Festival Jewel.

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