Provincial Grand Lodge Yorkshire North & East Ridings 2018 Masonic Festival Website

Festival Merchandise

To celebrate Festival 2018, the Festival Team have had the following items designed and crafted. They are available to all freemasons within our lodges. Lodge secretaries have been sent order forms for the new Festival tie. The Festival Commemorative Jewel is available to all qualifying members. Lodge Charity Stewards will guide members who wish to receive the jewel.
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Festival 2018 Bow-Tie

Still a few remaining - Order yours today

BURLINGTON LODGE 3975 has an exclusive licence to market a Commemorative Festival Bow-Tie for use by both Craft and Royal Arch Members.
These can be worn within this Province during the period of the Festival

The tie is priced at £15.00 with all proceeds going to Festival 2018

Festival 2018 Lapel Pin Badge

Bro Ray Douglas of the Marwood Lodge 1244 noticed that most masons have a habit of adorning their lapels with an accompanyment of various masonic badges. Putting two and two together he realised that Festival 2018 did not have one of their own.

His clear and eye catching design has been duly approved and Marwood Lodge are kindly sourcing these for you. To get yours send £3 per badge to Marwood Lodge using this Order Form. Support the Festival and Wear your badge with pride.

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Festival 2018 Pens

Pens created for the Festival 2018 can now be purchased through arrangements with the Dundas Lodge No 7970. Available singly or in packs of ten these high quality pens allude both to the owners support of Festival 2018 and the charitable efforts the Festival represents. The simple ordering process involves forwarding a completion request form along with a cheque for the number of pens required. Click the images to view the quality.

Priced at £4.00 individually, or £3.00 each if bought in packs of 10 to assist your Festival fund raising.

Festival 2018 Pocket Hankies

Festival Pocket Hankies, is a fundraising project arranged through Ferrum Lodge No:1848. A colour and design to match the festival tie, and enhance your attire admirably.

They are priced at £8.00 each, originally sold at Provincial Meeting in May 2015 and remain available.
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Festival 2018 Chairman strips for charity

Well they say that when you are raising money for a worthwhile cause, anything goes.

The Festival Chairman, Denis Stubley whilst representing the Provincial Grand Master at Hazelgrove Lodge was approached by their newest member, Mark McCullagh for a Festival tie. Sales of the tie have been very buoyant and they are almost sold out. Whilst not in possession of a new one for sale, Denis was not to be outdone. He promptly removed his own and completed the transaction.

I suppose that Mark could now boast that he is in possession of an unusual previously worn item! Denis did insist on the full purchase price, however. Well it is for our charity after all.
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Festival 2018 Tie

By kind permission of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master A Commemorative Festival Tie has been released for both Craft and Chapter members to wear within this Province during our Festival period.

The price of the tie is £15.00
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Festival 2018 Jewel

From the launch of Festival 2018, in May 2013, a Festival Jewel, the design of which has been approved by Grand Lodge, has been available to be worn by all Brethren who undertake a certain level of support for the Festival. By committing to a total donation of £300, not including Gift Aid, a brother will receive a Festival Jewel. This can be by either making a qualifying one-off donation or by committing to contributing regular sums, thereby achieving the qualifying level over a period of time.

The MSF have agreed to accept as qualifying donations, towards the award of a Festival Jewel, any amount pledged up to five years after the climax of our Festival. This means that if brethren wish to receive a jewel they may spread their donations over a longer period than the Festival, if they wish. The monthly contributions will thus be smaller. To calculate the minimum donation needed, simply count the months until May 2023 and divide that into three hundred pounds. Once a pledge of £300 has been made the brother will immediately receive his jewel.

It is the usual custom at the conclusion of a Festival for United Grand Lodge to make the Festival Jewel a permanent jewel so that they can continue to be worn by those brethren who wish to do so. On the occasion of this festival, there will be one level of achievement as a Steward of the festival and it is hoped that as many Yorkshire North & East Masons as possible will be able to wear their jewel with pride.

Festival Jewel

The RW Provincial Grand Master has given permission for the jewel to be worn at all Lodge meetings within the Province, right up to the year 2018. Likewise, in his role as the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, permission has also been given for the jewel to be worn with Royal Arch regalia.

The design of the Stewards’ Jewel as shown in the picture, shows the colours of the Masonic Samaritan Fund in the ribbon with the Festival crest below.

Your lodge Charity Steward can guide you on applying for a jewel. It is also possible to apply as an individual. A Festival Jewel Application form can be downloaded from this page. This form should be completed by yourself and should be sent directly to the Masonic Samaritan Fund at 60 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5AZ, who will then issue the jewel following confirmation of the first payment.

Regular Donations

One way to donate to the 2018 Festival is to make regular payments by Standing Order. If contributors are UK tax payers and sign the Gift Aid Declaration, this donation will increase by the basic rate of gift aid tax relief. Therefore, each £1.00 donated becomes (currently) £1.25.

Some Brethren already operate an existing Standing Order payable to the Masonic Samaritan Fund. Such monies, which may currently stand to their credit and can be taken into consideration towards their pledge. Charity Stewards can assist in this where appropriate.

Please note that Brethren can “top up” their contribution at any time by cash or cheque, or make a pledge to contribute by cash or cheque, as and when their circumstances allow. Single donations are welcomed or indeed any combination of giving is very well received. All UK residents who qualify as tax payers are strongly urged to complete and sign the Gift Aid Declaration, which will further enhance any donation.
Brethren are encouraged to start a Standing Order as soon as possible, payable directly to the MSF using the Yorkshire North & East Ridings 2018 Festival Donation Form, which will be distributed to all lodges or downloaded here.

Throughout the course of the Festival, Brethren will be able to have updates on how much they have donated from information received from their respective Charity Stewards.