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Fund Raising Ideas

100s of ideas. These are available for download view the PDF here

Dundas 7970 – Further donation

At the meeting of Dundas Lodge 7970 in Middlesbrough on 21 st March 2018 , the Worshipful Master, John Grayson and the Charity Steward, Stan Thompson were delighted to inform the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro Sam Judah of two further donations from the Lodge to the Masonic Samaritan Fund Festival 2018.

The first was from funds raised in a joint Burn’s Night held in January with the Lodge of St. Hilda from which Dundas Lodge’s share was £275 and the other was a further donation from the Lodge charity funds of £500.

In receiving these donations, W. Bro Judah thanked the Worshipful Master and Brethren for this generous contribution and for their continued and very generous support for the Festival and congratulated the Lodge on having achieved Patron Status. Phot shows L to R: W. Bro Stan Thompson (Charity Steward), W. Bro John Grayson (WM) and W. Br Sam Judah (Asst PGM).

Denison Master's Pleasing First Duty

On March 3rd W Bro John Bedder was Installed as worshipful Master of the Denison Lodge 1248 in Scarborough. One of his first duties on taking the Chair was to present a cheque for £500:00 towards Festival 2018. W Bro Andrew Popely PAGStB who was Representing the ProvGM, and is also Secretary of the Festival expressed his gratitude to the Lodge. Andrew later commented that for a daylight lodge meeting four times per year the donations received from Denison during Festival period were a great credit to the Lodge and the Brethren.

Wilberforce 2134 celebrate Vice Patron

At their meeting on 10th October 2017 at Trinity Lane Beverley, the whole of the Wilberforce 2134 lodge were pleased to celebrate their receipt of Festival 2018 Vice Patron honours from W Bro Gerald Gelder.

Agricola donation to Festival Chairman

At a second degree ceremony of the Agticola Lodge number 1991, Worshipful Master Christopher Fell presented visiting Rep, W Bro Denis Stubley, Chair of Festival 2018, with a generous donation of £1500. Brother Stubley wholeheartedly thanked the brethren for their kind donation and gave examples of the impact this donation may have on beneficiaries of the Masonic Samaritan Fund

St Saviour simply keep donating!

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Bryan Redshaw, WM of St Saviour Lodge of Installed Masters was very pleased to hand over a cheque for £500 to Festival Secretary, Andrew Popely at the March meeting of the Lodge as a further contribution from the Lodge.

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De La Pole handover photo bombed

At the installation of WBro David Duffill, De La Pole 1605 were able to donate a further £500 to Festival 2018. Here with the formal handover to Rep WBro James Greaves. (below)

Once the formalities are over one has the right to celebrate. Especially when your photo shoot has been photo bombed by another brother desperate to say good evening to the worshipful master.


The Festival Chairman receives further support for the MSF

At the Installation meeting of Ayton Lodge, Denis Stubley was pleased to receive a further donation towards Festival 2018. Ayton Lodge have already achieved Vice Patron status and it is heartwarming to know that the lodge is continuing to support the festival appeal.

The photograph shows Denis with their new master, Andrew Smith-Watson and the installing master Ray Booty. Thank you Ayton Lodge.

Love Me Tender, All Hail The King

November 2015 saw Elvis live, performing at Middlesbrough Masonic Hall at a social event hosted by DeBrus Lodge for the MSF 2018 Festival. The evening which was well supported by DeBrus members Masons’s from other lodges family and friends was a great success.

Elvis arrived in full guise to and provide the 60’s music and live entertainment for the evening. A big thank you must go to Mark Good for his tribute to Elvis and providing his services free of charge to support MSF 2018. A total of £535 was raised from the raffle, quiz & games which was presented to the representative at DeBrus Installation in November 2015.

A proud Lodge St. Michael present Festival with £1000

Proud members of Lodge of St. Michael 7833 presented a cheque for £1000 to the representative of the RW Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro. A.B. Cusworth for Festival 2018, at their meeting on December 17th 2015.

Photographed are W. Bro. Malcolm Ladd (Charity Steward), W. Bro. A.B.Cusworth and W.Bro. Bernard Frazer (WM).

£300 Donated by new De La Pole WM

Festival donations continue. After a successful Installation and enjoyable Festive Board newly installed Master, Les Sugarman assisted by IPM WBro David Atkin hand s over a cheque for £300 to Wbo Fred Harrison, representing the RW PGM.

£4000 for Festival Fund from FERRUM.

At the September 2014 regular meeting of Ferrum Lodge No: 1848 they were very pleased and honoured to receive a Representative of the RWPGM, in the person of WBro Jack Sharpe, and as a member of the Festival 2018 Team what better time for Ferrum to make a considerable donation to the fund by handing over a cheque for ‘Four Thousand Pounds’.

Pictured are; Ferrum Lodge Charity Steward; Ed Levie & then WM; Andy Morley presenting Jack with the cheque. (Later substituted for a non-rubber type that wouldn’t bounce.)

Saltscar Lodge donate £1000

At the regular meeting of Saltscar Lodge No 5173 on the 19th March 2015, the WM, W.Bro Stephen T Coates, presented a cheque of £1000.00 towards the 2018 Festival, which is aid of the Masonic Samaritan Fund, to VWBro W H Fisher, the Dept Provincial Grand Master.

In the photograph left to right; W.Bro M W Hall Prov Dept DC, VWBro Fisher, WM W.Bro Stephen T Coates, Saltscar Charity Steward W.Bro Ken Heseltine.

Dundas Chapter Contribution

Another generous donation was presented to the Festival Chairman Denis R Stubley by the MEZ of the Dundas Chapter No.543, E.Comp David Hume at their meeting on Tuesday 17th March 2015.

York, Grand Patrons with Highest number of Festival Jewels

The Festival Chairman, Denis Stubley visited York lodge recently to thank the lodge for it’s contributions to Festival 2018.

The lodge have been awarded a grand Patron honorific for their total donations.

Whilst the lodge is not the highest donor to the F2018 fund, it is however, the lodge which holds the largest number of Festival Jewels in the Province. The brethren were not aware of this until Denis announced it to the lodge

Eboracum awarded 12th Platinum Gavel

The Chairman of Festival 2018, Denis Stubley was pleased to be present to witness the brethren of Eboracum Lodge vote a further £3000 to the Festival. The Lodge had already achieved Grand Patron status, but befitting of such a charitable lodge, the brethren grasped the opportunity to increase their giving to achieve the extra award.

The photograph shows Denis with the Lodge Charity Steward, Glyn Norman and their WM, David Bowman, who will receive the gavel on behalf of the lodge, from the Provincial Grand Master at the annual provincial meeting in York in May.

Eboracum Lodge are the twelfth lodge to qualify for the Platinum Gavel Award.

St Cuthbert’s Lodge make Vice Patron

At the installation meeting of St Cuthbert’s 630 held in Howden 5th October 2017 some 39 visitors from 16 sister lodges witnessed the spectacle of seeing WBro Andrew Sables installed as the new master a very enjoyable evening with many compliments paid by the visitors. The installation was also used to present a cheque for £1,000 in aid of Festival 2018 pictured is the new WM presenting the cheque to WBro. David Marsh who was representing the PGM also pictured are the representatives DC. the two newly installed Wardens and the IPM. This presentation pushed St Cuthbert’s over the tipping point to become Vice Patrons of the festival.

Another Festival cheque to PGM, from St Saviour

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Jeffrey Gillian attended the September 2017 meeting of St Saviour Lodge of Installed Masters and was pleased to receive a cheque for £700 towards Festival 2018. The evening saw several members of the Management Group present and encourage support of the plans to improve and enhance Freemasonry within our Province.

Dundas receive their Patron certificate

On Wednesday 17th May, W Bro Nigel Weightman, in his new role as Second Provincial Grand Principal and a Ruler in the Provincial Grand Chapter of Yorkshire N&E Ridings, attended Dundas Lodge 7970 on behalf of the RW Provincial Grand Master to present a certificate to recognise the Lodge’s achievement as a Patron of Festival 2018.

Nigel gave a short presentation on how important it was for our Province to support the Festival in raising funds for the Masonic Samaritan Fund which provides a tremendous amount of help and support for Masons. He congratulated Dundas Lodge on their magnificent achievement in attaining Patron status and then formally presented the certificate to W Bro Stan Thompson, Charity Steward and W Bro Joe Dixon, Master.

Photos: WBros Stan Thompson (Charity Steward), Joe Dixon (WM), Nigel Weightman

Mitre reach Vice Patron and donate further £2000

The Mitre Lodge of York has donated a further £2000 from Lodge funds to qualify for Vice Patron status in Festival 2018. The March meeting of the Lodge was attended by Andrew Popely, Secretary, and Les Kirby, Treasurer of the appeal, and were pleased to accept a cheque on behalf of the Lodge.

Andrew gave a short presentation to the Brethren, explaining the significance of the Masonic Samaritan Fund and welcoming the contribution.

Mitre Lodge’s Master, W Bro Grant Burton, commented: “Mitre, although not a large lodge, has been doing its reasonable best to support Festival 2018. I was more than happy, on behalf of the lodge, to hand this contribution to the Festival Team. We do our utmost to promote charitable giving within the lodge to both Masonic and Non Masonic charity.”

Minster Lodge helps towards the Festival target

At the Installation meeting in February 2017 the newly Installed Worshipful Master of Minster Lodge no 4663, W. Bro. Martin Smith, was delighted to inform the Representative of the R.W. Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro Andrew Calvert, that a donation of £200 had been made to the Masonic Samaritan Fund Festival 2018 to mark the occasion of his visit to the lodge.

Convocation Donations amount to £5,558. Thank you.

The RWProvGM / MEGS was delighted with the amount collected for the Masonic Festival 2018 at the Annual Convention in York on 30th April 2016. He thanked the Brethren & Companions who attended wholeheartedly for their wonderful generosity.

The alms collected, inclusive of Gift Aid, amounted to £5,558

Dundas Lodge Vice Patronage AND Steve Allen presents £1000 from sale of Festival Pens

Festival Chairman, W.Bro Denis Stubley, visited Dundas Lodge 7970 on Wednesday 20th April to congratulate the Lodge on achieving Vice-Patron status and also show the brethren the new Festival DVD. Lodge Secretary W.Bro Steve Allen surprised the Denis by presenting a cheque for £1000 raised from the sale of Festival Pens.

Sale of Festival Pens has been a very successful initiative, set up and run by Steve for Dundas Lodge and which continues to raise funds for the MSF. Festival Pens will also be available for purchase at the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting on 30th April.

The photo shows (L-R) W.Bro's Steve Allen (Secretary), Alan Dale (WM), Denis Stubley (Festival Chairman) and Stan Thompson(Charity Steward).

Kind donation from Redcar Chapter

Festival 2018 on Tuesday 12th January received a generous donation from the Companions of Redcar Chapter.

In the presentation photograph are Ex Comp David Scott (who was representing Most Excellent Grand Superintendant), Z - E Comp Trevor Ions, H - E Comp Norman Cassie, J - E Comp Graham Brimble and Charity Steward E Comp Steve Fleming

Newly installed WBro Norton donates £1000

Richard Smedley our most recent Past Provincial Grand Warden was representing the Provincial Grand Master at Inquirimus Lodge of Installed Masters at Filey recently and received a cheque for £1000.00 from the newly installed master, John Norton.

Richard rightly pointed out that this is a significant sum, especially from an Installed Masters Lodge and will help boost the Festival total along nicely. (sorry no better photo. Ed)

Saltscar Installation Donation

On 17th September 1015 the newly installed WM W.Bro Andrew Scrafton presents a cheque of £300.00 towards the 2018 Festival to W.Bro Geoff Heselhurst PPSGW, Representative of the RWPGM, the Provincial Grand Mentor, together with WM, Ken Heseltine Charity Steward and Stephen Coates IPM. (There's a nameless face, I count 5. Can anyone help? Ed.)

Festival donation from FERRUM #1848.

At the Middlesbrough Charity Presentation Evening on the 19th May 2015 there was a fantastic gathering of Middlesbrough Freemasons & Local Charities, at the Masonic Hall on Roman Rd, to enable the various Lodges to present their chosen charities with the funds raised via events throughout the previous year.

Ferrum Lodge were able to hand over cheques for Prostate Cancer Uk and The James Cook Hospital Scanner Appeal and were particularly pleased to be able to present the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master; Jeffrey Gillyon with a further cheque for £500 towards the Festival 2018 appeal. Pictured are; Ferrum Lodge No.1848, IPM Andy Morley (genuinely happy at being able to support the festival, not just the wine, honest…) and the PGM

Shout out for Lofthouse generous £1000 donation to MSF

At a visit to Lofthouse Lodge No 6357, at the Guisborough Masonic Hall, on lodge on April 9th, The Provincial Grand Master was presented with a cheque for £1000 towards the Festival 2018 Funds.

Pictured WM Colin Fenby, PGM and Charity Steward Jim Taylor.

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