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    Ending Year Message

    We must not falter or suffer complacency. Let us make our Provincial Grand Master proud when he announce the final total.

    Denis R. Stubley
    Minster Lodge helps towards the Festival target
    Ferrum Lodge achieve Grand Patron of Festival 2018
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  • St Hilda happy to receive their Vice Patron certificate

  • Convocation Alms Donations £5,558. Thank you.

  • Vice Patrons Dundas Lodge receive £1000 from the sale of Festival Pens.

  • Festival Pens on sale at Convocation 30th April

  • Middlesborough Lodges Excel for the Festival
    Guest organist, Paul gives up his Festive Board meals for the Festival

  • Mark Blair completes his double marathon CANALATHON, raising £2000 for Masonic Festival 2108.

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  • The Festival Chairman receives further support for the MSF

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Festival 2018 Honorifics

With delight we announce that the fund raising success of the following lodges has enabled them achieve Festival 2018 Honorific recognition.
Some of our lodges have made an early start in directing their charitable funds towards the Festival appeal. Early giving of monies to the MSF allows the charity to invest that money sooner and increase the interest received which helps towards our appeal.

L561 Zetland becomes PATRON from Vice Patron L2328 Albert Victor becomes a VICE PATRON
grand patrons
    Cleveland Lodge 543 from Stokesley in the North of the province
    De La Pole Lodge 1605 who meet at Beverley Road in Hull.
    Eboracum Lodge 1611 meet every 2nd Monday St Saviourgate, York.
    Ferrum Lodge 1848 meeting at Roman Road, Middlesbrough established in 1879 Congratulations
    St Nicholas Lodge 2586 founded 1895 meet in Saint Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough.
    Beresford Peirse Lodge 2610 from Bedale in the Dales
    Minster Lodge 4663 meet most 4th Thursdays at St Saviourgate, York.
    Alcuin lodge 6300 meeting at Castlegate House, York
    Old Peterite Lodge 6412 meeting most 3rd Wednesdays at St Saviourgate, York.
    Thornborough Lodge 6434 meeet in Top Floor, Town Hall, Leyburn Congratulations
    Old Hymerian Lodge 6885 meeting at Beverley Road in Hull.

    York Lodge 236 meeting at the Masonic Hall, Duncombe Place, York.
    Zetland Lodge 561 consecrated in 1849 meet in The Freemasons Hall, Guisborough
    Albert Victor Lodge 2328 founded in 1889 meet at St Saviourgate, York Congratulations
    Lodge of St. Andrew 4683 meet at Beverley Road in Hull Congratulations
    Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642 meeting most 4th Mondays, Beverley Road in Hull
    Technical Lodge 5666 also meet at Beverley Road in Hull

    Anchor Lodge 1337 meet most 2nd Fridays in Northallerton
    Falcon Lodge No.1416 of Thirsk founded July 27th 1872
    Burlington Lodge No.3975 meet in Bridlington on the third Friday Sept to May Congratulations
    Beacon Lodge No.4362 established in 1588 meet in Pocklington
    Hull Old Grammarians Lodge 5129 meet 3rd Tues and members of the Universities Scheme
    Lodge of Philosophy 6057 meeting High Street Redcar most 2nd Fridays
    St Hilda Lodge 6666 a Middlesborough Lodge meeting most 2nd Tuesdays
    Portus Felix No. 6712 meet in Rutland Street, Filey
    Dundas Lodge 7970 meeting at the Masonic Hall, Roman Road, Middlesborough
    Concord Lodge No. 9553 meet most 3rd Fridays at The Folk Hall, New Earswick, York
    Tees Tablers 9564 Meet mostly Northallerton but also Darlington and Saltburn
    Ayton Lodge 9595 Consecrated in 1996 meet in WI Hall in Great Ayton most 1st Fridays

Lodges achieving an Honorific can proudly use the title on their summonses and letter headings to show the masonic community their commitment to Festival 2018. Very hearty congratulations to all those lodges and a big thank you to the brethren of the lodges for supporting our Festival appeal and The Masonic Samaritan Fund. We hope that your excellent start to the Festival will inspire other lodges to emulate your success. So come on everybody get going with the fund raising.

Remember, the MSF is there for you. You just may be lucky enough not to know it yet.

Patron, Vice Patron or Grand Patron,
Festival 2018 Honorifics are established to say thank you to our lodges.

It is traditional when a Province is in Festival to recognize those lodges who work diligently towards helping the Festival Appeal. Lodges contribute to a Festival Appeal in two ways. The individual members may donate directly to the Appeal, either personally or through the Lodge Charity Steward and lodges may raise money collectively through their own initiatives. All such monies donated are attributed jointly to the Lodge’s total contribution.

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master has agreed to award an Honorific Title to any lodge achieving a certain level of donation during the period of Festival. There are three levels of award according to the amount a lodge contributes. In addition, the levels are to be set proportional to the number of members a lodge was recorded as having on the national Masonic database held at Grand Lodge, as of September the 1st. 2014. This is to enable a lodge to be recognized for their efforts regardless of the size of the lodge. The levels were set for small, medium and large lodges accordingly.

The Provincial Grand Master is sure that lodges will support the Festival 2018 Appeal to the best of their ability and that the members, and in particular the Charity Stewards and Worshipful Masters, will ensure the success of the Festival.

The Masonic Samaritan Fund exists for the benefit of our members and their dependents. Who knows when any one of us may need their help?

Upon reaching the qualifying level, a lodge will be awarded the following Honorific title to thank the lodge for its support according to the total contribution. The title can be used on all lodge communications and in particular at the head of all lodge summonses to proudly announce to the Freemasonry community the lodge’s involvement in helping the Appeal.

Each lodge has been notified of the figures their lodge should aim for if they wish to achieve one of the following levels of Honorific. Those figures vary according to the size of the lodge. Each lodge received a personal letter showing their individual figures to be achieved, for each category of Honorific.

Grand Patron (the highest award)

Lodges achieving Grand Patron status will receive a personal visit from the Provincial Grand Master who will present the lodge with a certificate in recognition of their support of Festival 2018 and the Masonic Samaritan Fund.


This Honorific will be presented in open lodge by a Provincial Ruler on a special personal visit.

Vice Patron

Lodges achieving Vice Patron status will receive the award from an officer of the United Grand Lodge of England.


The brethren of this province have performed extremely well in focusing their efforts towards our Festival campaign target of £1.6 million. The support given to the M.S.F. allows them to help so many of our friends and brethren in need. Help from the charity so often makes life changing differences to people, where the quality of their life had been severely compromised by illness or disability.

We must however not rest on our laurels, our target has not yet been reached. We must not falter or suffer complacency. Our Provincial Grand Master is relying on us to make him, and the whole Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings proud when the total collected is announced at the conclusion of the Festival.

One of the most satisfying outcomes of our Festival campaign is that it has raised awareness of the help available and encouraged more of those brethren in need to apply for assistance.

Thank you, everyone who has contributed to Festival 2018 in whatever way. Our Province continues to receive a very high level of support from the MSF and your efforts for the remaining period are hugely appreciated.

Think Festival. You never know when you may need the help of the MSF

Denis R. Stubley
Chairman Festival 2018.

A message from our Festival 2018 President

PGM  from 1st Nov
At Provincial Grand Lodge in May 2013 my predecessor, Richard Anderson, had the enviable task of launching our Province into a five year period of fund raising for Festival 2018. This gives every Mason the opportunity to join in the initiative and raise funds for our designated charity.

I am delighted that our Province has this opportunity to raise significant funds for Festival 2018 which is supporting the Masonic Samaritan Fund. The generosity of the brethren within our Province has always been exceptional and never more so than in the last 10 years. No doubt most of you will recall that the total sum given to the Royal College of Surgeons Chapter Bi-Centenary Appeal surpassed our greatest expectations, raising over twice our hoped for target. Others amongst you will recall the remarkable sum we were able to hand over to help with research into prostate cancer. This Province raised £124,000 to further research into the disease, which has rapidly become one of the major life threatening illnesses for the male population. The amount donated was boosted, at our request, by a further grant of £84,000 from the Masonic Samaritan Fund.

Our last Festival raised the wonderful sum of £2.3 million and whilst there are fewer masons in our lodges now, I know they will be working hard to maximize the total raised during Festival 2018.

The Masonic Samaritan Fund has been established, as one of the four central Masonic charities, exclusively to help Freemasons and their dependants with identifiable health and care needs. The charity has also started giving to suitable research projects that we as Freemasons will benefit from.

By supporting Festival 2018 and giving to our designated charity, we are helping to support the members of our own fraternity, our own friends and families. Indeed, many of our Province’s members have received aid, making a very noticeable difference to their lives. The number of brethren and their families in this Province who have, and are, receiving help, is steadily increasing year on year and the sums involved are becoming substantial.

The support you gave to my predecessor was outstanding, but now the newness of the Festival Launch has worn off, I hope that I can similarly rely on your energy and ingenuity to achieve a result to be proud of in 2018.

Festival 2018 should be the focus of our charitable efforts over the next five years.

However, we can be comforted by the fact that the Provincial Grand Charity will continue to support local charitable needs during the period of the Festival.

I look forward to meeting many of you over the next five years and encouraging you all in your efforts.

The Festival Team are working hard to ensure our success and I am sure you will join with me in helping them achieve a result we will all be proud of in 2018.

Jeffrey Gillyon.